SELL: Current Brake

Want to Sell Current Brake Eddy Current Brake Magnetorque 215028-127, Type: 2408A Pictures Available Contact: Gilbert Lyerly, President, Surplus Sales... Continue reading →

SELL: Valve

Want to Sell Valve Gar-Seal Garlock Type 16311L Body 311L PN 10 15in Butterfly Valve Pictures available Contact: Gilbert Lyerly,... Continue reading →

BUY: 150HP

Want to Buy 150HP NEW OR NEW SURPLUS150HP 900RPM 460VOLT TEFC 505UZQUARRY DUTY Contact: Barbara Griffin, sales, Demco, Salisbury, Maryland... Continue reading →

SELL: Pump

Want to Sell Pump Gusher Pump M# T2.5X3-10SEL120DM4A 225 GPM IMP-25007-9.375 T.D.H 80 FT Pictures Available Contact: Gilbert Lyerly, President,... Continue reading →