SELL: Hone: Accu-Cut 6SM-1

Want to Sell Hone: Accu-Cut 6SM-1
Accu-Cut 6SM-1 Diamond Bore Sizing Hone

Mfd. 2010

Stroke: 18"
Bore Size – Maximum 1.5"
Part Size – OD Maximum 5.0"
Distance between Spindles: 5.166"
Spindles: 6
Index Stations: 8
Index Table Diameter: 20"
Column to Table Center: 13-1/2"
Spindle Motor: 7-1/2 HP
Spindle Speeds: Variable to 1200 RPM
Feed Rate: 0 – 200 IPM
Machine Dimensions – Actual 58"(L-R) x 73"(F-B) x 96"(H)
Coolant System Dimensions – Actual 36"L x 36"W x 36"H
Weight – Approximate Lbs.

Allen-Bradley SLC 5/03 CPU w/PanelView 600 Interface

Dual Operating Modes:
– (6) Progressive Tool Passes @1 Part/Cycle
– Double Index @2 Parts/Cycle w/ Up to (3) Passes

Coolant System w/Magnetic Separator
Accu-Cut Automatic Lubrication System
Central Air Distributor with Valving
(7) 5C Collet Closures
Full Enclosure
Contact: Noah Graff, Graff-Pinkert, Oak Forest, Illinois 60452 United States E-Mail: Tel.: 7085352200

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