2018 Tax Changes For Manufacturers: An End Of Year Look At All Of The New Options

For example, if an organization purchases a used 1000 ton press for $500K from a dealer in Surplus Record, they can immediately deduct that full amount from the top line of the business if they put the equipment into service during the calendar year.

Disruptive Times Call for New Approaches to Supply Chain Risk

While predicting Trump’s next tariff targets might be challenging – let alone which firms might end up on a sanctions list outside of trade battles – there are steps that all manufacturers can take to more effectively manage through the volatility.

The Dollar’s Limbo Game – Good or Bad for US Manufacturers?

But a weak dollar is not necessarily a good thing for everyone – even manufacturers. Some, like Forbes, suggest there is a direct correlation between “the stock market [dropping] a thousand points [in early February], on the heels of the dollar losing 19% against the euro.”

How the New Tax Plan Could Impact Business and Manufacturers

manufacturers now have the option of purchasing both new and used property which can be fully expensed in the same year. Used equipment in 2018 will qualify for bonus depreciation in an identical manner to new equipment.

Tax Reform Hopes Still Running Strong

Indeed, small business players continue to push for changes to the tax system that will hopefully not only benefit business, but will stimulate growth that will help deal with the growing budget deficit via overall larger revenues. The Administration has put such reform in the center of its strategy as they see it as “trumping” all else in winning the kind of support from Americans and the business community they will need as the 2018 congressional election year approaches.